01 June, 2009

weekend = rest

Happy Holiday to all School Boy n Girl..
Herm, tomorrow.. work.. work.. work.. work..
Work to get experience, collect money for living, also for learning..

Yeah, I`ve worked about a month for a local company at Kelana Jaya.
I travel there from my house everyday.. my family house.. take about 40 minutes to reach my work place..
Its ok la..

Today, hang out with my friends.. ex-housemate.
My ex-housemate is expert.. in "menghabiskan duit di hujung minggu"..
Hahaha, normal la.. nowdays need to spend some money to enjoy, for entertaiment.. for food.. nothing free right? All things need money. No money no talk..

We play pool game. Double.. 2 vs 2.. Tag team
We play 14 balls game, that are the first time we play that game.
Even, amatuer or called as beginner.. we manage to beat the other team..
Hahaha...we have record the first victory..
Play, laugh, laugh, laugh..
All had crazy head..

Terminator: Salvation
Arnie or Arnold Swarzenegger 3D images appear at the ending of the movie.
The movie, quite ok..
Easy to understand.. Layan~
What I like about this movie is the terminator version "motorcycle"..
I like it...

Vroom~ Vromm~

Pict taken from google