09 August, 2009

Current Issues ... ?

Good Luck for those that sit for PTD exam yesterday..
Hope all the best for you all..
PTD stand for Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik in Malay Language.

Currently not interested for take the exam for gov job..
Rather pick a job through interview..

Erm, actually.. I`m feel quiet ok with current job.
Even the payment is so-so.. the working environment so far seem ok..
Maybe I`ll stay about 1@2 years before looking another job.. maybe..
Who can predict what will happened next kan?

This monday, got appointment at Balai Felda. Me and my boss..
We will discuss with them something about business la.. off course.. :D

But, deep in my heart..
I feel like finding a chance to set up own business.. more independent, freedom..
My planning for the future.

FB is Facebook..
Crazily surf face book to play the application and games attached to it..
Actually, I never thought to open an account with facebook..
But, one of my friends said that facebook is more interesting compare to myspace, friendster, tagged and so on..
At first I`m not believe what she said la..

Then one day, I think.. why not give a shoot..
If nothing interest with it, just delete it..
Simple as that..

Today, almost 2 months my account has active.. huhuhu
Really like to play Barn Buddy, Farm Ville, Mafia Wars.. etc
Almost everyday.. open and play that..

Instead FB,
Also surf internet to reads news.. no need to buy a hard copy for reading news..
Checking e-mail.. either personal or working purpose..
Find and search this and that..
Simply can say.. whole day in the net.. world without boundaries..

"Addicted to Internet like a drugs.."


Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

renaye said...

good to plan a business now. :)

alien said...

hallo all!!