26 August, 2009

FB disable?

What had happened?

I wonder why its happened.. my Facebook account been disable.
Can anyone tell me why?
I`ve send email to them, hope to hear favorable reply from them.

Actually, me also dont know why this happened.. today.
At 2.15pm, I closed my FB account coz I want to go Surau to pray at downstair.
Then, after 15 minute..
I sit back at my workstation and re-open my account.
But, they show error.. I thought I wrongly type my email or password..
I`ve tried several time.. and then I realize that my account been disable..
Oh.. what the..
Without notice~
Gone like that...

No more game from FB..

Dont want to create new account..
Wait favorable reply from FB.. If not, bye2 laaa FB..


saya. DIANA. said...

my 2nd time hear about fb prob..mmg btol jadi ek?igt kan kawan tipu je ari tu..hihi~

Hotmama said...

ala sian nyer....ermmm,takleh main FM kan...

alien said...

my FB dah ok balik..