03 September, 2009

3rd September 2009

*picture from uncle google

Time walking so fast.. and I dont realize, today 3rd September.
Been busy with my own life. Been busy with tonne of work to work with.
Working everyday, every night. Busy every weekday and every weekend. Only got little time to rest and tight time for myself..
But I`m happy..
Very happy..
Really happy with what I`m doin now..

From last Sunday till now I`m doubt with our Police credibility..
I`ve experiencing a bad day with our cop.. very unexpected had happened that ruin my day..
Cop take a bride infront of my eyes.. I say " What the heck.." in my mind la..
Actually I would like to take an action towards him.. but, due some several reason I`ve stop my intention. He had crush the cop good reputation infront of my eyes.
Hope in the future SPRM could investigate our police that take bribe and penalize them.
Pity on our "Ketua Polis Negara" that keep defending their own subordinates but their own subordinates itself not pity to "Ketua Polis Negara".

A lot of thing happened around me recently..
.. 24th hour notice. She forced to leave her current job due some reason. So, the workforce become smaller.. hehehe
Others, boss.. moody after come back from his holiday. One of ex-staff create a problem.

That make my life look interesting, could also add to my existing experience.
However, I got noooooooooo problem with my life. I mean, not a big problem la..

To all my blogger friends, really sorry since long time not visit y`all..