23 December, 2009

ALIEN say: Hunger to read

Still tired of yesterday's activity..
Sleepy because lack of sleep because of yesterday's activity..
In holiday mood because of yesterday's activity and this coming X-Mas.

Lately, I`m feel bit strange.. bit confious.. something block my neurons from work maybe..

Evening.. monday.
Walking to Popular bookstore at the dawn. After work.
Look there, look here.. go there.. stand.. staring at book title.. look the picture.
Try to find the book that would emerge as special to my eyes. Both my eyes..
Take, read a couple of sentences.. look the synopsis. 
Oh.. feel like to own all the book, crazy to read all the info there. But I couldnt do that.. this is not library.

A place that I would prefer the last. Never know the reason. Really don`t like to be in there. Not know the true reason. But, I like to read a book. Any type of  book. No specific topic or writer. Any kind of book that sound interest to me. Novel, general.. religious.. all. That the reason why I can`t recall the writer name also the book title, but I know what inside the book. That the negative side bout me - reading without concern who write it. Never know why I`m not influence to a writer name like other people. The other reason why I cant recall - not use to buy it, always borrow. Hehehe

Yeh, that time my hunger has reach to the max. Feel uncomfortable if reach home empty hand.
Walk to general book shelf.. walk back to novel shelf.. again and again..
Like husband wait for his wife deliver.. confious, uncomfortable.. hard to think.. Arghhh~

Then, decided to take a book from novel shelf. Take a look the title. Oh, all about love. For young people. 
Then suddenly a book wrote by Shahnon Ahmad caught my eyes. Had a feeling that book is different from others. Good choice as I`m says to myself. The book title "Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan" which has been adapted into a film called "Rice People". Which I know from the Wikipedia search. Also manage to grab Ramlee Awang Murshid novel title "Hatiku Di Harajuku". Ramlee Awang Murshid is 1st thriller novelis in Malaysia. On the back day, while I`m studying Diploma. I`ve read a book wrote by him. Of course I`m not buy it.. just borrow it from University library. Heh

Finish read Shahnon Ahmad book. Manage to finish it up for a day. Half night, half day.. 

Next, Ramlee Awang Murshid..

Hope this would feed my hunger for this month..
Next month..
Who know..
Maybe same routine as Monday..

18 December, 2009

ALIEN says: Freezee . . Don't Move

Wet.. Cold.. Rain..

I`ve lost my brain somewhere. Where is my brain. Hello!! Where are you~
Find it with GPS.. would it work?
Hohoho. Misplaced it.
Should find it soonest possible.  Otherwise... nothing will happen.. kehkehkeh

My desire to express my ideas (kind of), my feeling, my thought.. recently gone.. To where?
Maybe tired had lead CPU that located inside my head become hot.. thus make it perform below par. The cooling system not work well this week.. need to refresh or running defragement maybe.. this X-Mass Hoilday should be perfect...

08 December, 2009

ALIEN says: It remind me of good old days

Today could be classified as half happy day..
Another half is messy day.. Happy morning, crappy evening.. What a day~
Weird huh.. In just a minute my life messed up.. to be exact, something had ruin my another half day..

I had suffer a lot here.. duh.. duh..
Really need new place to breath, new environment, new challenge..
Really really need one.. oh..

ALIEN say: Time is Watch is Clock

Casio Edifice

picture from here

Time is Watch is Clock.
I got new watch after about 2 years not wear any.
Buy it from E-Bay, nice white colour watch. Nampak innocent dan suci kan?
Ini adalah jam Casio.
Model tu click here and cari sendiri di sini.

*This post just to promote my new "JAM".. kahkahkah

06 December, 2009


Ku dengar angin menderu
Ku katakan pada angin bawaku terbang ke langit biru
Ku lihat hujan turun laju
Ku katakan pada hujan sampaikan salam pada tiap manusia

Ku pandang mentari pagi tersenyum girang
Lantas ku berterima kasih pada cahayanya yang memberi semangat pada sekalian alam
Ku belai tumbuhan hijau
Pesanku agar mereka tanpa jemu selalu menyokong alam 

Oh alam...
Bumi tempat kita berpijak
Sama - samalah kita cintainya

ALIEN berceloteh : Love and Tears

When Eirma Fatimah come..
Team up with Remy Ishak, Maya Karin, Umie Aida, Samantha Shubert and Sofea Jane as main performer...
We been presented by the rebirth of Cikgu Mansoor Adabi, Che Aminah, Natrah and Adeline.. instead of  Sarjan Adrianus Petrus Hertogh.

Natrah, a story based on a true history that happened on Singapore around 1950 has revive and been performed to all..

A tragic story..

"Cinta dan Airmata" 
phrase that could be used to describe this true story.. a worth theater to be watch..

Even this is my first time watch theater, but trust me this "Natrah" is great and made me says WOW !!!
Even me myself feel like to watch it again, but I doubt the ticket would be sold out even they decided to extended the show time until this 13th December 2009. Everyone should watch this. A must watch performance by our artist..

A love story with tragic endings..
5 Star to the performer.. good work..

Actually, Just come back from Istana Budaya.. not really sleepy..
Aku ni jenis burung hantu or the famous one.. spesis batman la..
Tidor lewat2 tak elok untuk kesihatan kan.. Heh..

Full house audience tadi even I seen some empthy chair. Maybe the chair owner stuck at Traffic.. pity for them.. or they got emergency, sorry for them.. hope everything will be fine kan..

I`ve seen Imuda, Radhi Khaleed and Afdlin Shauki.. Also we manage mengejar Encik Afdlin Shauki ..

Mengejar Afdlin Shauki?
Hohoho... that what me, my sis and her friend do..  Kejar dia, to take some picture with him even he not in the show. Then, we just ignoring the performer that sit infront of the main door. Kehkehkeh. Kelakuan yang agak jahat kan.. Nasib la, sapa suh encik Afdlin kita muncul di situ kan...
Today is a nice Saturday..
Today would be happy day..
Funny things happened (ditujukan kat someone).. kehkehkeh

Today Sunday (since almost 2.30am)
Do not know what would happen today..

Apa terbelit2 aku tulis daaa...

05 December, 2009

03 December, 2009

ALIEN berceloteh : 2012; Between Realiti and Fantasy

Its a Rainbow~
Nice rainbow say Hi to all Klang People today. Actually not say Hi, maybe the rainbow say Bye to the sun and say Hello to the moon. But, rainbow could see and talk with the moon since they from different world. Moon also could not appreciate the beauty of the rainbow while the rainbow show itself during the day.. Nice Day~

2012; Between Realiti and Fantasy.
Huish.. Antara realiti dan fantasy, cam lagu Crossfire kan. Nak dgr lagu die camne ke?
You all just Youtube kan aje.. Rock Kapak. Best2..
Let kupas, bukak, dedahkan perkara yg berkait ngn 2012 ni.. sebb drg cakap 2012 this world would end.

2012 film, what we gain from watching that film. Tanye pengkaji filem ah.. hehehe.
There is something that we could get from that film. A good one if we observe it carefully, interpret it and look from the different view rather than the story itself. Wah, cam susah je kan nak paham.. Kehkehkeh

ALIEN berceloteh : Fly with UFO

Almost 8 month I`ve land at this so called growth land and fertilize land.
But, I could not settle here. Environment tak sama dengan jiwa aku la.
Even sini banyak Udara untuk disedut. A lot of space to run.. run.. golek-golek.. But I`m not used to it.
Almost die here la..

Need to fix my UFO fast.. Fix the main computer so that I could send signal to other Planet. Better Planet which got much place to explore compare to this empty place. Haiya~
Other Planet, hope could give feedback to my signal as soon as possible since I`ve waste much time at this empty land.

02 December, 2009

ALIEN berceloteh : nobody hear

Hello and Good Day..
Good Day and Happy Day, happy day lead to meaning and memorable day..
Make everyone full of energy and full of ideas instead experience the full stomach.. heh

It a Looooooooong time not write here, the rojak blog. Combination of experience, info, thought and all sort of 'rubbish' thing. That why it could be classified as Rojak Blog. Sangat sesuai. Broken grammar combine with bahasa pasar.. complete.

Today topic.. "Nobody hear you if you not somebody" to be specific in Broken Malay > takde sape nak dengar cakap ko kalau ko bukan seseorang. Somebody or seseorang in this phrase mean that status, nobody listen to you if you not have the power~ Power~
Betul ke?
Betul la tu kan.. Not agree with me? Express your thought laaa...