03 December, 2009

ALIEN berceloteh : Fly with UFO

Almost 8 month I`ve land at this so called growth land and fertilize land.
But, I could not settle here. Environment tak sama dengan jiwa aku la.
Even sini banyak Udara untuk disedut. A lot of space to run.. run.. golek-golek.. But I`m not used to it.
Almost die here la..

Need to fix my UFO fast.. Fix the main computer so that I could send signal to other Planet. Better Planet which got much place to explore compare to this empty place. Haiya~
Other Planet, hope could give feedback to my signal as soon as possible since I`ve waste much time at this empty land.

2 months ago, my friends also support my decision to fly back my UFO. But, my UFO need to be service and repair since some item may defect. In the middle of last month, I`ve finished fix my UFO and I managed to send signal to some Planet. Only wait for positive response to land and explore the Planet from the Planet's owner.

Recently, Planet S reply my feedback. Only wait for further process. Semoga Planet S menerima kerakyatan Alien asing ni. Hahaha. But, xleh nak harap yang satu je. Kene teruskan menghantar mesej kepada Planet-Planet yg bersepah di luar sana. If drg kate YAAAA... Selamber berdesup UFO aku belah ke Planet mereka. Hehehe...

But, sementara ni perlu banyak2 bersabar dengan kerenah penghuni Planet sekarang ni. To be more specific, perlu bersabar dengan Jawatankuasa Planet yg cam x kisah hal penghuninya...


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