06 December, 2009

ALIEN berceloteh : Love and Tears

When Eirma Fatimah come..
Team up with Remy Ishak, Maya Karin, Umie Aida, Samantha Shubert and Sofea Jane as main performer...
We been presented by the rebirth of Cikgu Mansoor Adabi, Che Aminah, Natrah and Adeline.. instead of  Sarjan Adrianus Petrus Hertogh.

Natrah, a story based on a true history that happened on Singapore around 1950 has revive and been performed to all..

A tragic story..

"Cinta dan Airmata" 
phrase that could be used to describe this true story.. a worth theater to be watch..

Even this is my first time watch theater, but trust me this "Natrah" is great and made me says WOW !!!
Even me myself feel like to watch it again, but I doubt the ticket would be sold out even they decided to extended the show time until this 13th December 2009. Everyone should watch this. A must watch performance by our artist..

A love story with tragic endings..
5 Star to the performer.. good work..

Actually, Just come back from Istana Budaya.. not really sleepy..
Aku ni jenis burung hantu or the famous one.. spesis batman la..
Tidor lewat2 tak elok untuk kesihatan kan.. Heh..

Full house audience tadi even I seen some empthy chair. Maybe the chair owner stuck at Traffic.. pity for them.. or they got emergency, sorry for them.. hope everything will be fine kan..

I`ve seen Imuda, Radhi Khaleed and Afdlin Shauki.. Also we manage mengejar Encik Afdlin Shauki ..

Mengejar Afdlin Shauki?
Hohoho... that what me, my sis and her friend do..  Kejar dia, to take some picture with him even he not in the show. Then, we just ignoring the performer that sit infront of the main door. Kehkehkeh. Kelakuan yang agak jahat kan.. Nasib la, sapa suh encik Afdlin kita muncul di situ kan...
Today is a nice Saturday..
Today would be happy day..
Funny things happened (ditujukan kat someone).. kehkehkeh

Today Sunday (since almost 2.30am)
Do not know what would happen today..

Apa terbelit2 aku tulis daaa...


isuzu_aizu said...

ehem, so what was that funny thing? 0_o :P

oRanGeLiLY said...

yeah... natrah is a worth theater to be watched....
i cud say that eirma fatima is a great director...uhuhuhuhu.. aku nak nangis dan aku nak tengok lagik
aku nak front seatttt.....
aku nak tengok abg mansor kuuuuu

alien said...

hahahaha... hahaha... tergelak je aku tigt pakcik pegang layang2 semalam..

nak tgk encik mansoor ke, alah p search intenet pastu print r gamba die.. simpan dalam dompet