02 December, 2009

ALIEN berceloteh : nobody hear

Hello and Good Day..
Good Day and Happy Day, happy day lead to meaning and memorable day..
Make everyone full of energy and full of ideas instead experience the full stomach.. heh

It a Looooooooong time not write here, the rojak blog. Combination of experience, info, thought and all sort of 'rubbish' thing. That why it could be classified as Rojak Blog. Sangat sesuai. Broken grammar combine with bahasa pasar.. complete.

Today topic.. "Nobody hear you if you not somebody" to be specific in Broken Malay > takde sape nak dengar cakap ko kalau ko bukan seseorang. Somebody or seseorang in this phrase mean that status, nobody listen to you if you not have the power~ Power~
Betul ke?
Betul la tu kan.. Not agree with me? Express your thought laaa...

Power vs Knowledge

Which win?
Actually knowledge would win, but due some reason that could be accepted. Power will always win. Power will make decision, while knowledge only sit back and hope nothing worse would happen. Pray and wish that damage made by Power could be fix later even though Knowledge would suffer.

Power will always right even he is the one that made the damage.
While Knowledge could be called as "Kambing Hitam". Been accussed for the damage that he not even know nor done.

Power will always get the praise. Blind see Power like a God. Walla. Always choose as the main actor for film. Nobody could harm Power as everyone worship Power.
Knowledge will always forever be as supporting actor.

Then come Wealth.

Combination Wealth and Power seem strong and stable. They being arrogant.. kerek dan hanya melepak bersama mereka yg setaraf dengan mereka. Tanpa status atau tidak setaraf.. mampus drg tak pandang. Not a good combination

Knowledge and Wealth meet up. Knowledge share what he have, while Wealth show his effort. Both work hard. Both gain good benefit. Nobody hurt. Wealth learn from Knowledge. Become humble, nice guy.. etc. A good lesson he got from Knowledge compare to Power.

Let see,
If kita gabungkan all three together.
We can see superbbb combination that would bring good to society to all surrounding..
Kan, kan.. betul x?
Could u imagine if it happen to allllllllll people that related with those three elements.

But, sadly..
In real world, it seem Wealth had made Power blind. Teach Power that the bad things actually is a good thing. While Knowledge seem weak to prevent and control Wealth.. Power..
They become EVVVVVVIL ~~
Oh oh oh oh....

Mintak2 dijauhkan sifat tersebut dari daku...

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