23 December, 2009

ALIEN say: Hunger to read

Still tired of yesterday's activity..
Sleepy because lack of sleep because of yesterday's activity..
In holiday mood because of yesterday's activity and this coming X-Mas.

Lately, I`m feel bit strange.. bit confious.. something block my neurons from work maybe..

Evening.. monday.
Walking to Popular bookstore at the dawn. After work.
Look there, look here.. go there.. stand.. staring at book title.. look the picture.
Try to find the book that would emerge as special to my eyes. Both my eyes..
Take, read a couple of sentences.. look the synopsis. 
Oh.. feel like to own all the book, crazy to read all the info there. But I couldnt do that.. this is not library.

A place that I would prefer the last. Never know the reason. Really don`t like to be in there. Not know the true reason. But, I like to read a book. Any type of  book. No specific topic or writer. Any kind of book that sound interest to me. Novel, general.. religious.. all. That the reason why I can`t recall the writer name also the book title, but I know what inside the book. That the negative side bout me - reading without concern who write it. Never know why I`m not influence to a writer name like other people. The other reason why I cant recall - not use to buy it, always borrow. Hehehe

Yeh, that time my hunger has reach to the max. Feel uncomfortable if reach home empty hand.
Walk to general book shelf.. walk back to novel shelf.. again and again..
Like husband wait for his wife deliver.. confious, uncomfortable.. hard to think.. Arghhh~

Then, decided to take a book from novel shelf. Take a look the title. Oh, all about love. For young people. 
Then suddenly a book wrote by Shahnon Ahmad caught my eyes. Had a feeling that book is different from others. Good choice as I`m says to myself. The book title "Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan" which has been adapted into a film called "Rice People". Which I know from the Wikipedia search. Also manage to grab Ramlee Awang Murshid novel title "Hatiku Di Harajuku". Ramlee Awang Murshid is 1st thriller novelis in Malaysia. On the back day, while I`m studying Diploma. I`ve read a book wrote by him. Of course I`m not buy it.. just borrow it from University library. Heh

Finish read Shahnon Ahmad book. Manage to finish it up for a day. Half night, half day.. 

Next, Ramlee Awang Murshid..

Hope this would feed my hunger for this month..
Next month..
Who know..
Maybe same routine as Monday..


theorangelily said...

kau cuti ke?
jom jalan2

alien said...

kau lambat book..
sebelum subuh aku nak bertolak ke penang dah..

Mr.Asian said...

happy new year....
saje jln2 sambil komen2 jom link nak?

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