18 December, 2009

ALIEN says: Freezee . . Don't Move

Wet.. Cold.. Rain..

I`ve lost my brain somewhere. Where is my brain. Hello!! Where are you~
Find it with GPS.. would it work?
Hohoho. Misplaced it.
Should find it soonest possible.  Otherwise... nothing will happen.. kehkehkeh

My desire to express my ideas (kind of), my feeling, my thought.. recently gone.. To where?
Maybe tired had lead CPU that located inside my head become hot.. thus make it perform below par. The cooling system not work well this week.. need to refresh or running defragement maybe.. this X-Mass Hoilday should be perfect...

Freezeee... Don`t move~
Say Cheese~

"Cari-cari.. mana aku.. hehehe" kata tukang ambik gambar.

Hah. Yesterday event make me remind the old day where my passionate to DSLR grew.
Like to snap a picture but less like to be in the picture. Kehkehkeh.
Even not mine,using Olympus (DSLR) make me want to have one. Need one, one...
The feeling cannot been express by word.. this is feeling. Hardly explain by word. I love DSLR...
hahaha, weird ~

Yesterday event, used Canon borrowed from my good friend. Canon good too, same goes to Nikon.. walla~
Crazy for DSLR has come again... again and again..

Say Cheese~

But, the important to do is..
Find back where is my brain.. where is my brain..
Anyone see it?

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