14 January, 2010

ALIEN lost his mind

A man walk slowly towards some place. Unknown place. Blood dripping from his left hand
He hide inside bush, thick bush. His eyes widely open look around. 
Stand still. No sound. Breath slowly and deeply. Still no sound. No movement.
His eyes stare at a small hut near the river. Old but nice hut. 

An old man laying on the middle of the hut. Close his eyes. Look like he in deep sleep but not, his mind keep thinking and thinking. A lot of question and problem filled his head make his forehead wrinkle a bit. 
Sharp and shiny. A dagger lay near him without cover.
Still no movement from him. No. Not even. 

Calm and windy the weather outside. The sun seem nice. The cloud look white. The blue sky bring a good news to everyone. A nice day.  

Suddenly, a young man run as fast as he could to the old hut. He run and run.
The sweat cover all his bare body. Dirt also some sand stick at his chest.
He run and run as fast as he can. 
Almost lost his breath. 

Debuk !!!
He fell down. 

"Who is that guy.." ask a man in th bush to himself.

The man not move. Still no movement.
No one see.. his right chest been stabbed by something sharp a while ago. 
Look like the man faint because of losing too many blood.
Nobody sense even the old man inside the hut nor the man that hiding inside the bush.

The scream coming out from the old hut.
Long and paint scream. Creepy.

"That must be an old man"
"I`m late..."

His left hand shaking. Feel paint because of the cut. 
The young man has distract him from watching the old hut.
His right hand hold his weapon. Sabre. Hold firm.

"I must make a move now.."

Two man come out from the hut.
Broad axe and spear. The weapon that took old man breath. Death.
The blood spilled everywhere inside the hut.
Both guy hand's been cover by blood. Cruel. 

They walk to the river to wash the blood that cover their hand. 

Sabre been trust to one of them. In the middle of the body. Hardly trusted. 
Exactly at the backbone. Then, he forcedly pull out the sword. His sword cover with red blood
Stand still.
The guy collapsed.  

His friend shock. He rush out from his place.
He and his axe ready to fight back. 

The sabre point at the earth.
Still no movement. Only fierce eyes staring at the opponent. 
Seem he has let his guard down. 

No movement from both side. 
Still no movement. 

Then, without a reason. The guy that holding axe kneed down. Then, fell down.
Red arrow stuck at his back. Three arrow.

The other man still standing there, no movement. 
His eyes try to find from which direction the arrow come.
No answer.

Rain pour down from the sky. 
Seem the sky sad after seen what had happened...


Some unreasonable and weird scene play in my mind.. lately

Ah hahahaha~

Clueless. Puzzle in my mind. Film roll in my mind. Crappy thing show up in my mind.
All rush towards my mind. All want to play their role. My mind full with rubbish.
Ah, hard to breath. My emotion become unstable.

Ah hahaha...

Ah hahahahaha...
Ah hahahahahaha....

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