19 May, 2010

ALIEN : Entah lah

Am I late.. again? Huh, me also don't have the answer
But, old folks always says "Better late than never"
Is it true?
Maybe yes, maybe not. Depend on situation maybe.

Dark and cold night made my heart colder than before
All messed up, froze my mind

Herm, nothing could I do to fix this situation. I mean in the middle of night, its better for me to get sleep.
I can sense a lot of work waiting for me tomorrow. They waiving to meeeee...

Messy table. A lot of file. A4 paper got figure and word. Strong air blow straight from air cond to my face.
The cold air simply made my bone become fragile. Ah.. how can I participate in Black Parade...

Thank you for the Venom for those people out there.. thank you again..

Your negative word, bad mouth would not Cancer me.. not even. I will fight till the end..

Got dream to feel and see the early sunset over the hill.
Feel the day the good day, the best day..

Am I gonna be late again for tomorrow?
Maybe time will decide.. when I feel that I`m early, the fact I`m already late.
When I`m feel late.. but its too early.
Ouh.. how complicated..
Lets time decide..

p/s: All video taken from Youtube

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