23 May, 2010

ALIEN : Ke Majlis Perkahwinan

This event take place on 16th May 2010:
The bride and groom arrived on 2.30 pm

Sunny day, hot as the day before.
Good for run the ceremony.

Happy Wedding Day to my friend's.
Mohd Zaim B Hj Nahrawi and Shahmarizwati Bt Omar

As we arrived, me and Zaky its already 15 minutes past 12 noon. A hot day, made me sweat.
At first, we decided to leave early before seeing the bride and groom.
I thought that Zaky would want to leave early since he need to go back to KL.

Several of our friends persuade us to stay for a while until bride and groom come.
After some discussion, we decided to stay for a while to see the bride and groom.
According to Zaky, he will take a ride with his brother after watching Thomas Cup.
Both bride and groom are my friends. So, its worth to wait them in their most precious day in their life.
Share the enjoyment and happiness on the day.
They day which all guest come with happy face and back with smile of their face.

Then, about 2.30 pm under the good weather. The bride and groom finally come.
They been accompany by group of "kompang".
Havoc. With the nonsense DJ. Heh..

How nice their cloth, green and white.
The man look handsome and the girl look beautiful.
They suit each other.

Happy Wedding day both my friends !!!!


Riah said...

ow,the pict....where is the source came from?? ngeee........:) neway, nice to read this entry!~smiling again~

nadiramahidan said...

wahh..zaim and shama ,aku tak dapat dtgFinally heehe...punya lah sorok2 ,last2 ade gak ,just google jek..ehe.congrat both of them...!!

alien said...

riah: ngeh2.. kredit tu riah kerana gambar ini di curik dari die.. hehe

nadiramahidan: sampai google, gile ah.. dah macam artis.. meletop