03 July, 2010

ALIEN : Its Gone

As title above.
Its gone. Its important to me. Always with be at day and night.
Even rain nor hot day.
Its been with me for 2 years and now its gone.
Just disapear without a trace.

What a day..after our motor.. me and one pakcik has been block.
Now my helmet gone.
What the meaning of having motorcyle without its helmet. Zero. Useless.

I realize it after office hour. Mean 'balik' time.
Usually I park my motorcyle at basement.
Since i don't have Givi box, the helmet just attach to motorcyle seat as other do at their motorcycle.
I used to leave it there, after 1 year working there. The basement seem safe to park motorcyle.
Also leave helmet there; attach to motorcycle seat.

But, today. All went wrong.
Iskh2.. who stole my helmet?

I acted cool even in my head thinking what to do. Lucky, workshop not far away.
At first I planned to walk to the shop.. but it will take a long time
Then I planned to ride motorcyle without helmet.. but if police see.. mati la. Dah la depan tu area perumahan polis.
Yeh, borrow helmet... from who?
My office mate drive car and ride a bus.
So, I just borrow Apollo helmet from security office straightly buy new helmet.

New nice helmet, I will never leave my helmet at basement again.

What a thief.. if you want to borrow just leave a note and no phone to be contact la.. haiiyooo~ !!
Because you want something easily, you make other people in difficult.
Always put yourself in other people shoes la.. what if, this happen to you..
People may not see it, but you must know Allah always see..
Just think by yourself la.. very sad la haiyoo..

Patah tumbuh hilang berganti, aku reda je la kau nak ambik.
Moga-moga dia akan ditunjuk jalan kebenaran.
Amin ~

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FIROL said...

nak balik kena cari helmet lain yang leceh