06 August, 2010

alien: Moving

This week not a hectic week
Seem a hectic week but not

All stuff disorganize
Lot of rubbish, files, boxes, use paper
Just name it ~
All must be packing or throw out

Know what
We are moving to new place
New office

So, I`m not in the mood to do work
Don`t know why
Got lot of thing to pack

Everyone seem not happy
They use with current office

I don't care
Really don't care
As long the place is comfort to do my work

Need to clear and packing for two table
One mine
Another, late HR manager place
Maybe, the meeting room also

No big deals
Yeah no big deals

I use to pack more than that
No big deals

Next week will be at new office
The place far from current office
Wonder how the office interior
Since nobody has take a look at new office
Only top management has look at it

They said, its big office
Twice from current office size
Okay, its big

Well see next monday how
Hope everything good
Since I heard that the office not ready yet

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