20 December, 2010

alien: perutusan untuk para pembaca

Long time ago,
When I'am still young (now also young), I have Friendster account (still have but not active)
Friendster provide space for us to write, the function same as a blog
When I start write there many asking "Why you like to write a blog?"
I just smile and reply them, "Hobby .. "

So, for me blogging is a hobby
Beside that, its a way to relax. Others, it is a way to reach all internet users around the world which we know and may not know

Why blogging?
Some says they write to earn penny from advertising running at their blog
Some may says they love to write that why they keep writing and sharing
Some have their own reason, that why their blog only open for invited reader
Some create blog to market their business
All that reason lead to the creation of variety type of blog which serve it purposes

Some blog write about love and romance, some write about technologies, some write about their daily life, some write about religion, some write about their opinions toward current issues .. some mixed it up
All that made blogging fun
We can find people blog almost about anything
From A until Z
We might find blog that funny, serious, dull, informative etc

People may like what we write nor dislike or just ignore
Depends on theirself

To readers, don't just allow what the blogger write

Blogger also a human
Reader have right to express theirs and says right or wrong
Blogger must professional, otherwise don't publish
Do responsible on what we write
That's true blogger

As for me, blogging is a hobby

Maybe nothing special would you find here as for example to follow
But, I would like to share my first entry for this blog
Even though it not so good, Its valuable since it is my first

Thanks readers
Until then ..


Anisa Hang Tuah said...


blogging is hobby


Daddy Ziyyad said...

aku ber blog pun sebab suka suka...takde mengharap pun nafneng ka, gugel ad ka...nak duit aku kerja..hahaha

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

bial nampak je perutusan macam nak puasa dan raya lak...

h4ni3 said...

heheh.. blogging tempat saya merepek.. masa kerja dah kena serius, takkan masuk blog pun nak tambah duarius pulak

alien said...

Anisa Hang Tuah:
yeh !!

Daddy Ziyad:
blogging ni fun kan

perutusan tahun baru tak lama lagi aku keluarkan

cube buat entry merepek dalam serius
menarik kot

al-lavendari said...


terima kasih kerana sudi follow blog saya.

alien said...

sama - sama